The BAEBUN Absorbent Hair Towel


Time to discard bulky towels and opt-in for this lightweight headwrap made of super soft microfiber that absorbs excess water so you can cut your hair blow-drying time in half! Try it today and step up your beauty routine with comfort and convenience. Issa Wrap!

Choose from pink or white BAEBUNS with a "No bad hair, baes" embroidered slogan or an all-over leopard pattern.

- Super soft microfiber is gentle for your skin and hair
- Helps to dry hair - microfiber absorbs excess water
- Less blow drying = healthier hair
- Lightweight - does not weigh down your head
- Elastic loop in the back - stays in place
- Size accommodates short and long hair while providing comfort
- Saves on laundry (fewer towels used)
- Usable at the locker room, beach, or poolside

Put on the wrap after washing your hair. Bend forward, place your hair inside, twist it and secure it with the elastic band in the back and go about your post-shower routine as your hair practically dries itself. 

If you're a fan of keeping on hair masks/hair saunas for longer you can put the wrap over a plastic shower cap to secure it from slipping off.

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