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Tint + Hold Bundle

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The hottest eyebrow look? Natural, bold, feathery brows! Reach for INSTANT TINT! to add some oomph to your brows, then use G-LAM to set them in place. 

INSTANT TINT! is BAEBROW's flagship, the no-mix formula for easy and quick eyebrow tinting. Simply apply, wait about 10 minutes, and remove! Don't forget to select your shade from Brown, Dark Brown, Graphite, and Black. We recommend trying a two-tint bundle for a customized, longer-lasting effect. 

G-LAM Clear Brow Gel is our new favorite. This strong-hold and fast drying brow setter will keep your brows looking G-LAMourous all day long. Use it as a top coat and the final step in your brow routine. Start at the base and apply short upward and outward strokes to lift and sculpt your brows.

    "I had never used eyebrow tint before and I was a bit nervous about buying it but I'm so glad I did. I've got very light blond eyebrows and without my pencil on they are invisible. After using this product I love looking at myself in the mirror esp in the morning or without make-up on. So worth the money. And it doesn't come out too dark brown unlike some professionally done tint in the salons. Very happy with the product." - T. Alvino

    "This is hassle-free and makes my routine insanely easier. I tint them on a Sunday night so they are ready for the week ahead. I love this stuff! Will be buying again." -Christina

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    Reach for INSTANT TINT! to add some oomph to your brows, then use G-LAM to set them in place
    Tint + Hold Bundle Cena promocyjna160,00 zł