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Become our ambassador!

👑Hi Baes! Wanna join the Lazy Beauty Queens club!?👑
We’re self-care enthusiasts who love getting dolled up and looking fab, but please...Don’t make us work too hard! 😜 Oh, and make it quick too. That’s why we came with hassle free, but totally awesome products for eyebrows and beyond! Since self-care became the new going out it’s important to carve out some time for yourself. Live, Love, Lie down… Are we right?
Join us, enjoy the journey to perfect eyebrows and get pampered with us along the way. Stay for giveaways, beauty tips & tricks and more!

    Ambassador girls 


    Why “BAE”brow? Because Brows Are Everything!

    Eyebrows are a key, vibe-defining facial feature and with that power comes responsibility! Bold and well kept brows can make us look more polished and refined even with minimal or no makeup. Our mission is to provide the transformative effects of eyebrow tinting in a hassle-free and affordable way to every woman in the world. Our flagship product, the no-mix INSTANT TINT! as well as our other products and accessories provide an awesome, pampering experience. When self-care is the new going you’ll love taking part in our ambassador missions.

     What would I have to do?

    1. Follow us on social media:




    2. Join LAZY BEAUTY QUEENS our new facebook group

    3. Interact with us and the community. Participate in challenges focused around beauty routines and leisure activities. Don't worry, they are quite easy and fun, and we will be making it more interesting for you as we go.

     How can I be rewarded as an ambassador?

    You will be getting the chance to test our products, receive freebies and earn commission. You will also receive personalized discount codes to share with friends and followers as well as early access to sales, new products, and be part of the community. We also can't wait to feature any content you create with us!

     What do I need to be an ambassador? 

    Just yourself, your energy and a phone or camera to capture content to share with us and on social media.

      We can't wait to work with you! 

      If you have any questions email us at :)