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Instant Tint! Graphite

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INSTANT TINT! is a gentle, easy-to-use eyebrow tint that delivers color and shine in less than 15 minutes. Thanks to our unique, no-mix formula you can finally tint your brows at home without the mess! INSTANT TINT! is designed to pigment your brow hair quickly and easily. Simply use the pointed applicator stick to apply the product, wait, wipe it off and enjoy fresh and bolder brows! Results last about 3-5 days, up to 1 week. 

GRAPHITE is an ashy grey / black color, suitable for cold-toned dark hair, or cold-toned blondes. A universal favorite that darkens hair to a dark, colder tone. *If your natural eyebrow color is very light blonde, white, or even translucent (non-pigmented) we do not recommend the graphite on its own, as it can pick up the undertone colors and look unnatural. If you’re after a cold tone we do recommend trying a Two Tint bundle with Dark Brown. See our Choosing Colors tab or our color chart to find your perfect shade :)

Why you’ll love it:

  • QUICK & EASY! Get bolder brows in just 4 steps.
  • PRE-MIXED! Hassle-free application without the mess.
  • WAKE UP WITH BROWS! Color stays for an average of 3-5 days, up to a week.
  • SUPER EFFICIENT! One tube can last up to 20 applications.
  • NATURAL EFFECT! The tint stains the hair, no sharpie brows.
  • SAFE & GENTLE! No PPD or Hydrogen Peroxide. Use it as often as you like.

*Not designed to dye greying hair. Our tint is not a 1:1 substitute for salon tints, as it is gentler and does not contain PPD or hydrogen peroxide.

      Instant Tint! Graphite
      Instant Tint! Graphite Cena promocyjna102,00 zł