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The Greatest Hits Bundle


Did someone say “I want it all”?!

The Greatest Hits Bundle delivers just that! We’re serving the full BAEBROW experience with a whopping discount!

Don't forget to select your TINT colors and choose between the single or double tint options.

Bundle includes:
INSTANT TINT! (1x or 2x)
WHAT THE BROW! Brow & Lash Serum
BAE-ALL -DAY Daily Brow & Lash Conditioner
G-LAM Clear Brow Gel
HOLD UP! Brow Wax
Reusable Makeup Removal Pads x 2
Dual Angled Brush
Eyebrow Razor 2 pack
Mini Razor & Groomer 2 pack
The Greatest Hits Bundle
The Greatest Hits Bundle Alennushinta€133,95