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G-LAM Clear Brow Gel

Sale price$32.00
G-LAM is a clear eyebrow gel designed to groom brows and instantly deliver a lifted and fuller look. G-LAM provides a long-lasting hold and can be used as a finishing topcoat over brow makeup products, or alone for styling and setting brows into place. G-LAM IS IDEAL for fans of full and feathery brow trends.

Why G-LAM? We really love a full, feathery-looking brow. A clear brow gel is the best way to fix (or "set") styled eyebrows into place.

TIPS: Brows brushed upward appear fuller and more “feathery”. After applying the gel, gently press and roll the applicator stick (upward) over your brows to achieve a brow lamination-like look.

HOW TO USE: To achieve lift and volume apply G-LAM onto brows using upward strokes. For thicker, unruly brows apply a little more product, with a few extra pressing, upward motions for extra hold. G-LAM delivers a strong hold finish and should be the last step in your brow routine. Once the gel has dried on the eyebrows do not apply anything over it or brush the brows.

G-LAM Clear Brow Gel
G-LAM Clear Brow Gel Sale price$32.00