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Article: What is Tinting? My Spark Notes

What is Tinting? My Spark Notes

What is Tinting? My Spark Notes

When Victoria, the founder of BAEBROW told me that her flagship product was Instant Tint, I was excited for her, but honestly, I didn’t quite get it. I had thick black hair and eyebrows… what did I need tinting for? Regardless, to be supportive, I ordered the Black and Graphite Instant Tints. While waiting for them to be delivered, I started looking into what eyebrow tinting is to figure out why this was such a big deal. To save you the time, here’s a Spark Notes version of what I discovered.

What is tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is basically dying your eyebrows, but not with hair dye (who wants hair dye that close to their eyes?!).  Normally, tinting is done at salons. In the last few years, at-home kits have arrived on the market, but they tend to be messy and complicated (think using an activator and mixing). Depending on the product, tinting takes up to 20 minutes (so long as you don’t have to drive first to a salon).

Why tint?

Like I mentioned earlier, I have dark hair so as cool as tinting might be, I didn’t think it was useful for me…that is, until I tried it. After applying Instant Tint! for five minutes, my eyebrows looked more lush and more defined, while still looking natural. If it can do that for black-haired people, imagine what tinting can do for blondes and brunettes (and gingers!). Tinting is better than dying because it’s safer. Tinting is better than make up because it lasts longer (up to two weeks).


From my research, I discovered that BAEBROW really was a game changer. All of sudden, you could have salon-style eyebrows without spending an arm and a leg and in the comfort of your own home. More importantly, BAEBROW is gentle yet effective, so there aren’t any crazy chemicals near my eyes. Other at-home kits require mixing and don’t have the special applicator that Instant Tint! does. My life is hectic, so convenience is a big deal for me. After a few uses, I had gotten so comfortable with it that I don’t even use Vaseline around my eyebrows in advance. Just woosh and woosh, wait ten minutes, and wash off.

It’s been over two years since I first tried Instant Tint! and guess what, I use it every week or two! I switch between Graphite and Black and sometimes even mix the two. It’s become part of my Sunday evening routine. Scrub my face, put on a face mask, put on Instant Tint, wait ten minutes, and voila! I don’t know if I would have ever tried tinting had it not been for Victoria, but now that I’ve experienced the difference it can make, I won’t go back!

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