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Brush Trio - Essential Brow and Lash Styling Kit

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Professional styling starts now! Our Brow Trio is a gorgeous kit for brow styling, grooming and tinting. 

Kit features:

Brush No. 1 - Dual Ended Angled Brush + Spoolie with firm bristles made of synthetic fibers. Be in total control with this must-have eyebrow styling tool! It’s ideal for applying pomade, shadow and even tint with pro precision. Mimic hairlike strokes, fill in sparse areas or use with INSTANT TINT for a well-defined arch. Use the spoolie to blend color products, brush through brows, creating fluffier, fuller and natural looking eyebrows.

Brush No. 2 - Dual Ended Brow Line Brush + Flat Brush - with a compact, angled shape and tight synthetic bristles, the Brow Line tip is your best friend for well defined arches. Use it with brow pomade or powder products. This brush provides extreme precision and ease for drawing a brow line below your arch and applying hairlike strokes to create a fuller effect. Use the flat tip to blend highlighter or concealer for smooth yet defined effect.

Brush No. 3 - Brow Groomer + Lash Comb + Spoolie This triple multitasker was designed to aid you in getting brows AND lashes into formation. The firm bristles of the groomer shape and exfoliate brows, removing dead skin and any leftover product. The spoolie gently detangles lashes and shapes brows. The hard comb separates lashes, eliminating mascara clumps. Remember brows and lashes are bffs! 

VERSATILE - 7 high quality tools in one kit!

FIRM - Firm and densely packed bristles giving you control and ease when brushing your perfect eyebrows and lashes.

HIGH QUALITY - synthetic bristles, cruelty-free, vegan

This Brush Trio consists of 3 types of brush : Brush No. 1 - Dual Ended Angled Brush + Spoolie , Brush No. 2 Dual Ended Brow Line Brush+ Flat Brush, Brush No. 3 Brow Groomer + Lash Comb + Spoolie
Brush Trio - Essential Brow and Lash Styling Kit Sale priceR 558.00 Regular priceR 744.00