INSTANT TINT! for tinting eyebrows at home in dark brown color natural effect no mixing oval shaped applicator Instant Tint for tinting eyebrows in brown dark brown graphite and black shades natural effect no mixing light pink box

Instant Tint!

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HOLD UP! Flexible Brow Wax + Dual Angled BrushHOLD UP! Flexible Brow Wax + Dual Angled Brush
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Brow Tint Kit + Straight Edged Brush for eyebrow styling + super soft Pink Baeband covered in microfibre Brow Tint Kit for eyebrow tinting easy and quick application Dual Brush with firm bristles for eyebrow styling soft light pink BAEBAND for using before bathing cleansing facials
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Brow Tint Kit (Pink Baeband)

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Brow Kit: Tint, Clean & HoldBrow Kit: Tint, Clean & Hold
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Brow Kit: Tint, Clean & Hold

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Tint + Hold Bundle Instant tint for eyebrow tinting at home in dark brown graphite and black colors mixing the color for long lasting effect gentle formula G-LAM Clear Eyebrow Gel for sculpting and fixing the browsTint + Hold Bundle - INSTANT TINT! for eyebrow tinting in dark brown color no mixing natural effect gentle formula black tube light pink box G-LAM Clear Eyebrow Gel  strong hold fast drying brow setter pastel pink box
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Tint + Hold Bundle

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BAEBAND for keeping hair back during your beauty routine covered in microfibre stretchy in leopard color BAEBAND for keeping your hair back during your beauty routine super soft and snuggly in leopard and light pink colors


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