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Introducing HENNA & HOLD PLUS your secret to bolder, healthier, and perfectly-sculpted brows! This bundle offers the perfect blend of natural tinting and nourishing styling.Henna & Hold PLUS
Henna & Hold PLUS Sale price7,200.00 RSD Regular price7,700.00 RSD
With every tool you'll need included in this bundle, you're all set to design your perfect brows:  ALL CAPS Henna Capsules HOLD UP! Brow Styling Wax Dual Angled Brush Pipette Mini Finger SwiperHenna & Hold Bundle
Henna & Hold Bundle Sale price5,500.00 RSD Regular price6,800.00 RSD
The bundle contains BAE-ALL-DAY Eyebrow Conditioning Gel and WHAT THE BROW! for a brow and lash boosting duo!Night and Day Brow & Lash Growth & Conditioning Duo
Night and Day Brow & Lash Growth & Conditioning Duo Sale price5,500.00 RSD Regular price7,200.00 RSD
Reach for INSTANT TINT! to add some oomph to your brows, then use G-LAM to set them in placeTint + Hold Bundle Instant tint for eyebrow tinting at home in dark brown graphite and black colors mixing the color for long lasting effect gentle formula G-LAM Clear Eyebrow Gel for sculpting and fixing the brows
Tint + Hold Bundle Sale priceFrom 4,400.00 RSD Regular price5,000.00 RSD
This Brow Kit consists : Instant Tint! , G-LAM, DUAL BRUSH, REUSABLE MAKEUP & TINT REMOVER MINI SWIPER X 2 , MINI RAZORS 2 PACKBrow Kit: Tint, Clean & Hold
Brow Kit: Tint, Clean & Hold Sale priceFrom 7,200.00 RSD Regular price9,300.00 RSD
Our Grow Up Bundle includes everything you need to achieve the brows of your dreams, whether it's fuller, longer, or perfectly styled brows you're after.Grow Up Bundle
Grow Up Bundle Sale price8,800.00 RSD Regular price12,100.00 RSD
HOLD UP! Flexible Brow Wax Brand new transparent, non-sticky styling wax that allows for customizable eyebrow styling, without any stiffness! Fluffy, laminated-like brows made easy.The Ultimate Brow Styling Bundle
The Ultimate Brow Styling Bundle Sale price9,300.00 RSD Regular price11,000.00 RSD
BAEBROW's WHAT THE BROW! Eyebrow Lash Serum is a 100% natural mix of the highest quality oils that work together to fortify, strengthen and lengthen your eyebrows.WHAT THE BROW! Eyebrow Growth Serum 100% natural formula for brow care strengthen and lengthen eyebrows tube with an applicator
Our original HOLD UP! Brow Waxis a transparent, non-sticky styling wax that allows for customizable eyebrow styling without any stiffness!HOLD UP! Flexible Brow Wax + Dual Angled Brush
HOLD UP! Flexible Brow Wax + Dual Angled Brush Sale priceFrom 3,900.00 RSD Regular price4,100.00 RSD
INSTANT TINT! is a gentle, easy-to-use eyebrow tint that delivers color and shine in less than 15 minutes. INSTANT TINT! for tinting eyebrows at home in dark brown color natural effect no mixing oval shaped applicator
Instant Tint! Sale priceFrom 2,800.00 RSD
Time to discard bulky towels and opt-in for this lightweight headwrap made of super soft microfiber that absorbs excess water so you can cut your hair blow-drying time in half!The BAEBUN Embroidered Hair Towel for absorbing excess water and reducing frizz, elastic loop in the back, lightweight, super soft microfiber, easy application in white color
The BAEBUN Absorbent Hair Towel Sale price2,800.00 RSD
Aurora - Rose Quartz Facial Roller ideal tool for a stimulating and relaxing facial massages, reduces wrinkles and puffiness, helps to lifts and contour face and jawline, boosts circulation in light pink colorAurora - Rose Quartz Facial Roller for improving firmness and elasticity of skin, reducing puffiness, wrinkles and dark under eye circles, the best for using in self-care rituals in pastel pink color
Aurora - Rose Quartz Facial Roller Sale price4,400.00 RSD
It’s ideal for applying pomade, shadow and even tint with pro precision. Mimic hairlike strokes, fill in sparse areas or use with INSTANT TINT for a well-defined arch.Dual Ended Angled Brush - Two high quality brushes in one with firm and densely packed bristles for filling in sparse areas or use with INSTANT TINT for a well-defined arch cruelty-free
Dual Ended Angled Brush Sale price1,700.00 RSD
G-LAM is a clear eyebrow gel designed to groom brows and instantly deliver a lifted and fuller look.Clear eyebrow gel for grooming brows long lasting effect for fans of full and feathery trends
G-LAM Clear Brow Gel Sale price2,200.00 RSD
Need a last-minute gift?! We have just what you need! Purchase a digital GIFT CARD for $25, $50 or $100 and give the gift of beautiful brows and self-care!
BAEBROW Gift Card Sale priceFrom 2,735.18 RSD
Experience  Ideal lash definition with the BAEBROW Lash Separator - an innovative tool designed to glide effortlessly through your lashes, removing excess mascara and leaving them beautifully separated, clump-free, and defined.LASH COMB
LASH COMB Sale price1,700.00 RSD
BE IN TOTAL CONTROL with this must-have eyebrow styling tool! It’s ideal for applying pomade, shadow and even tint with pro precision.Mini Dual Ended Angled Brush
Mini Dual Ended Angled Brush Sale price1,400.00 RSD