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Fill and Sculpt Bundle (Triangle Tip Pencil)

Sale price₦72,000.00
Color:Light Brown
Bundle contains:
  • B-LINER Ultra Thin Brow Pencil
  • HOLD UP! Brow Wax
  • Dual Angled Brush

B-LINER: Ultra-thin, retractable brow pencil for defining, filling in, and drawing hair-like strokes with precision and ease. Available in 5 shades: LIGHT BROWN, WARM BROWN, DARK BROWN, GRAPHITE, BLACK. Use it to define your brow shape, underline the arch, and fill in brows to achieve fuller, more symmetrical-looking brows. To maintain a natural effect, draw hair-like strokes to fill in sparser areas of your brow. Use the spoolie for a blended, less rigid look.

HOLD UP! is a transparent, non-sticky styling wax that allows for customizable eyebrow styling, without any stiffness! Lift, groom, and sculpt your brows into place with just a few upward strokes to get those fluffy brows. It's extremely easy to apply, leaving eyebrows looking fuller.

DUAL ANGLED BRUSH is the number one brow tool in your arsenal! Apply a small amount of HOLD UP! and brush to groom and style using upward and outward motions.
Fill and Sculpt Bundle  (Triangle Tip Pencil)
Fill and Sculpt Bundle (Triangle Tip Pencil) Sale price₦72,000.00