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ALL CAPS Starter Kit - Powder Henna Capsules

Sale price147.00 NIS
Color:Light Brown

Introducing ALL CAPS, an extraordinary innovation in brow beauty that takes brow tinting to the next level! Say hello to an unparalleled, lasting look that will leave you with beautifully defined brows for up to three weeks!

ALL CAPS is a product designed for eyebrow tinting, crafted with top-grade henna for lasting results - color stays on the brow for 2 to 4 weeks, and for about 1 week on your skin, depending on your skin and hair type. Always make sure to do a patch test first as our innovative henna contains PPD (Para-Phenylenediamine) which for some can be an irritant.

What sets ALL CAPS apart?
- The world’s first blister-packed henna capsules! Our innovative packaging keeps your henna fresh and potent for longer.

- No need for any developer or extra oxidizing agents - just add water, mix, and get ready to transform your brows with an effortless application!

Unleash the full power of ALL CAPS with our launch bundle, including a handy pipette, a Dual Angled Brush, and a Mini Finger Swiper! This all-in-one kit equips you with every tool you need to craft the perfect brows with ease.

ALL CAPS is available in 6 stunning shades: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Auburn, Ash Brown, Dark Brown, and Black. Crafted for professional results, each color delivers a rich, long-lasting effect that stays on your brows for weeks, not days!

Depending on the frequency of use, this product should last you anywhere between 3 to 5 months.

Each box comes with 5 capsules (500mg each) - thoughtfully created to offer you a seamless brow tinting experience. But remember, always perform a patch test before going all in. If you spot any signs of irritation or have a history of allergic reactions to henna, take a pass. Your skin's health is paramount to us!

ALL CAPS Starter Kit - Powder Henna Capsules
ALL CAPS Starter Kit - Powder Henna Capsules Sale price147.00 NIS