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Grow Up Bundle

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Our Grow Up Bundle includes everything you need to achieve the brows of your dreams, whether it's fuller, longer, or perfectly styled brows you're after.

What's Included:
WHAT THE BROW! Eyebrow & Lash Growth Serum: This rich serum, made from the highest quality oils, fortifies, strengthens, and lengthens your eyebrows and lashes. Perfect for both thinning brows and those already blessed with lush brows but looking for extra shine and fullness.

BAE-ALL-DAY Brow Conditioner: Your daytime eyebrow savior! Our lightweight, non-greasy conditioner not only grooms your brows but also fortifies them. Packed with fortifiers known to promote strength, growth, and conditioning, it's the secret to maintaining stunning brows all day long. Use it as a base for other brow makeup or touch-ups on the go.

HOLD UP! PLUS Brow Styling Wax: The powerhouse of brow styling! This fortified version of our beloved HOLD UP! brow wax takes your brow game to the next level. Not only does it provide flexible styling and long-lasting hold, but it's also infused with a potent brow growth formula. Now you can style, nourish, and boost growth all in one stroke.

Dual Angled Brush: The perfect tool for precise application and styling. Whether you're shaping your brows or applying brow products, this brush is your trusted companion.


Why Choose the Grow Up Bundle?

  • Comprehensive Brow Care: From day to night, this bundle covers every aspect of brow care and styling.
  • Visible Growth: Watch your brows transform as they become bolder and healthier.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Our products are crafted from the finest ingredients, ensuring the best care for your brows.
  • Easy to Use: Suitable for both beginners and beauty pros, our bundle simplifies your daily brow routine.
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan: Feel good about your purchase, knowing it's kind to animals and the environment.
Grow Up Bundle
Grow Up Bundle Sale price$322.000,00 Regular price$443.000,00