Without a doubt
the winner

My eyebrows are what I appreciate the most when
it comes to the face. I’ve tried probably everything
on the market...
Now this is without a doubt the winner and only one that I’ve stuck
with and will be sticking with. Again, our eyebrows are important, I would never lie to you about your eyebrows!

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Well done

I was skeptical at first but genuinely like the product a lot. It's very subtle and super easy to use, well done BAEBROW!

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Love the graphite

I think the applicator is great. It goes on smooth, it's easy for me because I have thick brows. BAEBROW Tint makes gives my brows a nicer tone and makes them more defined 💓

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eyebrow tinting

in love

I really like this product. The tint is delicate and gives a beautiful effect. I'm in love with BAEBROW!

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I have tried quite a few brow tints and nothing compares to BAEBROW's. I love that there is no mixing involved and the applicator makes applying the tint really easy. Removing the tint is as easy as applying it is which makes the whole process stress-free. I highly recommend using BAEBROW's tint to achieve beautiful brows effortlessly.

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I'm absolutely in LOVE with this product. So easy to use - my eyebrows are lit ❤️

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The product is amazing - so happy with it! Well done BAEBROW

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It’s a great product! It works fast and isn't complicated, and the color is beautifully intense. I am a cosmetician and would recommend it to my customers at any time 😘 ❤️

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Super easy
to use

I loved it! I have extremely sparse brows to begin with. It darkened my brows and made them look a lot thicker. It also latched onto my smaller lighter brow hairs making my brows look a lot more full. I appreciate the size of the bottle...you can get a good 10-15 uses of it as opposed to the “one-and-done” kits which is great. Overall I really like how it came out - it’s super easy to use and pretty fool-proof!

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Love It

Made my brows darker in minutes. I used both the brown and graphite and loved the color...no need for make up for about a week! Love it!

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No Time
No Problem

I am mummy with a little baby and I have no time to brush my teeth sometimes, not to mention visiting the beauty salons . I have tried so many brow products at home and at salons, including microblading one year before pregnancy. I tried BAEBROW's Graphite Tint ,and it is perfect match with my blond hair! I must say that the great advantage of this magic thing is that you don't need mix anything, you just use it as a simple "pencil". I absolutely LOVED it! I would recommend this to my sister in law and will keep in mind to buy a few gifts. It is a value for money product and for 15 years living in Moscow I haven't seen anything similar.

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