Brow Groomer + Lash Comb Multitasker

531.00 ฿

Meet our essential brow styling brush No. 3 - BAEBROW Brow Groomer + Lash Comb + Spoolie. This triple multitasker was designed to aid you in getting brows AND lashes into formation.

GROOMER - The firm bristles of the groomer shape and exfoliate brows, removing dead skin and any leftover product.

SPOOLIE - The spoolie gently detangles lashes and shapes brows.

COMB - The hard comb separates lashes, eliminating mascara clumps. Remember brows and lashes are bffs! 

THREE SIDED - Three high quality tools in one!

FIRM - Firm and densely packed bristles giving you control and ease when brushing your perfect eyebrows and lashes.

HIGH QUALITY - synthetic bristles, cruelty-free, vegan

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