What the Brow! – Saved my Eyebrows

After a decade of using different eyebrow shaping techniques and different eyebrow “technicians,” my eyebrow shape had become a bit too thin. I began growing my eyebrows out, but I noticed that the hair at the top of my brows was finer than the rest from all the hair removal. I had started to color in with a pencil, and then BAEBROW's Instant Tint! helped darken my eyebrows. But what I really wanted was for my hair to grow back as thick as it used to be.


So, of course, I tried What the Brow! the minute it was launched. When I looked at the ingredient list (there are only six ingredients in it: rosehip oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and vitamin e oil), I was pleasantly surprised; all these oils are recommended for hair growth and are all natural. I started using it in June and a month later, my eyebrow hairs were noticeably thicker. You can’t even tell anymore where the eyebrow hair had been fine before. I still use Instant Tint!, because I really like my brows to be bold. And I continue to use What the Brow! because it nourishes my eyebrows.


Imagine if you cleaned your scalp twice a day with your face wash. Just imagine how dry your hair would become. That’s basically what we do with our eyebrows. Washing our faces twice a day—while ideal—strips the eyebrow hairs of their natural oils. BAEBROW's What the Brow! Eyebrow Growth Serum not only promotes hair growth, but also nourishes and conditions your eyebrows. With six natural oils, the serum helps to replenish the softness and thickness of your eyebrows. If I can put on a hair mask once a week and deep condition my hair in the shower, I can easily apply What the Brow! every night before bed. The applicator makes it so easy.


We forget that our eyebrow hairs also need conditioning and care. What the Brow! makes it so easy. No more unruly old man eyebrows.



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