Why Eyebrows are Important

 Remember that scene in The Princess Diaries when Anne Hathaway has her makeover?

More than the taming of her frizz, it was the shaping of her brows that made the biggest difference. She was always beautiful; all her makeover did was highlight her natural beauty.

How can such a little thing make such a big difference?

Well, eyebrows frame the face. You wouldn’t want the frame for your favorite painting to be falling apart or showing splinters, right? In the same way, the frame for your face should also be defined and neat. Not only do eyebrows help shape your face, they also are crucial in nonverbal communication and most importantly, they draw attention to your eyes (okay, okay, perhaps the most important role they have is protecting the eyes).

The single arched eyebrow when you’re skeptical, the furrowed brow when you’re confused, the raised eyebrows when you’re shocked… all of these help convey emotions more effectively than words. And by drawing attention the eyes, eyebrows help others pick up on your eyes’ subtle nonverbal cues and communication. It isn’t just about what the eyebrows do themselves, but how they highlight the eyes. Imagine how difficult it would be to express emotion without the eyebrows! – We make fun of the over-Botoxed individual who looks permanently surprised. 

Honestly, if I haven’t shaped my brows in a long time, I feel unkempt and no matter how great a hair day and how flawless my make up, I don’t feel polished. If I have great eyebrows, I feel confident going without makeup too. I used to color in my eyebrows ever so slightly when I put on eyeliner (I couldn’t be bothered to buy an eyebrow pencil); but now, with Instant Tint! I don’t have to. My eyebrows—the frame of my face—are always ready to go: always polished and always defined.

(Anne Hathaway - Princess to Queen)

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