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3 easy ways to boost your brow game during lockdown!

3 easy ways to boost your brow game during lockdown!

Quick, easy, confidence boosting brow care everyone can try at home!

Dear Baes of the world,

So far, 2020 has been a tough ride. By now, everyone is aware of the importance of social distancing and thorough hand washing, and we’ll leave it to the experts to fill you in on the rest. We're all in this together ❤

There's no reason to lower the self care bar just because you're on lockdown. Getting to the salon might not be an option at the moment, but have no fear - quick and easy at home solutions are here! We’re bringing you simple yet effective ways to tweak your routine for amazing looking eyebrows! As brows are the feature that has the single biggest effect on your facial structure, youthfulness and disposition we hope the results will give you a total confidence boost! a total confidence boost!

3 easy ways to boost your brow game during lockdown!

Here's how to achieve healthier, shinier and bolder brows and leave you in control of the situation. (Let's concentrate on what we CAN control during a crisis)

1. Looking good = feeling good. Where bolder brows come in.

Appearing in full makeup during lockdown might be overkill, but enhanced natural beauty is the way to go in any situation. You will probably find yourself on some form of video chat, or on a #workfromhome video conference. There's no reason not to look refined and even with minimal or no makeup, bolder brows immediately make you look more polished.

Brow tinting to the rescue! Tinting is the process of dyeing your eyebrows to make them look darker and fuller, with the goal of not having to reapply makeup everyday. INSTANT TINT! is our quick, at home solution for tinting your brows that will make you go "wow, that was easy".

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INSTANT TINT! is BAEBROW's flagship no-mix eyebrow tint that will help you achieve bolder and shinier eyebrows in minutes. Choose from three shades: Dark Brown, Graphite and Black, or for more custom results try mixing two colors together. Prepare your eyebrows by washing them with a non oily cleanser. Apply the tint and wait up to 10 minutes. Remove it with a damp cotton bud and boom - brows tinted! Learn more about Instant Tint by clicking here.


Not convinced? Check out what other baes said about INSTANT TINT!

"I had never used eyebrow tint before and I was a bit nervous about buying it but I'm so glad I did. I've got very light blond eyebrows and without my pencil on their are invisible. After using this products I love looking at myself in the mirror esp in the morning or without make up on. So worth the money. And it doesn't come out too dark brown unlike some professionally done tint in the salons. Very happy with the product."

- T. Alvino

2. Let it grow, let it grow! The brow growth challenge.

Nowadays, it seems to be the mass consensus that a fuller and "fluffier" brow is the goal. Look on the bright side, this is the perfect opportunity to finally grow out your brows. According to experts, full, lush brows imply natural health and youthfulness, so wether you want to look bolder and edgier, or take years off your appearance a well kept brow is the way to go.

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But what about those of us who don't have naturally thick brows (perhaps due to irresponsible tweezing...)? Just like hair on your head - brow hair grows in a cycle and can take a while for all the hairs to grow in evenly. During this regrowth period it is vital to use a brow growth serum. WHAT THE BROW Growth Serum is high in omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and many beneficial minerals that nourish and support healthy hair growth. Regular use will condition and make brows soft and silky, without the synthetics. WTB is a healthier and safer alternative to brow lamination, as softer, less unruly brows are easier to style. Learn more about WHAT THE BROW here.

TIP: Don't forget that healthy and well hydrated skin is very important for hair growth, so keep a water bottle at your side. Stay hydrated to feel and look good inside and out ;)


Join our WHAT THE BROW Challenge! The goal is to use this opportunity to let the brows grow out, without any pressure of keeping them in check. When it comes to brow growth, patience is your friend, so during the next 4 weeks use WHAT THE BROW - mornings and evenings and watch those babies get longer and fluffier. Share your journey with us! IG @baebrow

3. Shape and style responsibly. Tease, don't tweeze!

All about control?

Need a quick fix, but don't want to tweeze? Great, Eyebrow Razor has your back. Eliminate unwanted rogue hairs without plucking, tweezing, waxing or threading. If you have sparse brows this tool is perfect as you will not be ripping out the roots of your hair and they will be able to grow back easier. (Stay in the game for the WHAT THE BROW challenge!)

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Fluffy brow! But how?

You know the look—just about every model, actress and influencer has been flaunting it on red carpets and in everyday style. To get the look simply brush brows up with a dry spoolie. Leave most of the brow brushed up for a "feathery" effect. Brows look natural and fuller this way. You’ll need the right tool and this DUAL BRUSH is it!

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