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ALL CAPS Brow Henna Challenge

Hey gorgeous! Get ready to capture your stunning before and after photos, and share your love for BAEBROW's ALL CAPS Henna Capsules. We're here to empower you and give you a chance to get your money back—yes, you heard it right!

AND prepare to unlock not just one, but two tiers of rewards when you share your amazing transformation with BAEBROW's ALL CAPS Henna Capsules. Keep reading!



  1. Get your hands on ALL CAPS and capture your brow transformation.
  2. Craft your testimonial with love, sharing the journey and the magic of your brow evolution.
  3. Send your 'before and after' photos and/or video to

Once we receive your submission, our team will review it! If your photos and/or video meet our guidelines, you'll receive up to a 100% refund on the product price!


  • Submit Before & After PHOTOS following our guidelines to earn a 50% refund.
  • Submit a VIDEO testimonial following our guidelines to earn a 50% refund.
  • Submit Before & After PHOTOS and a VIDEO testimonial to earn a 100% refund.


Share your video testimonial on your social media after getting qualified by us to receive a $20 BAEBROW gift card! Tag @BAEBROW and add the hashtag #BAEBROWALLCAPS


BAEBROW's ALL CAPS Henna Capsules

Perfect Portrait
For the best possible showcase of your brow transformation, we recommend a vertical photo in a 9:16 ratio (1920 x 1080 pixels), a usual selfie size. These dimensions are perfect for our IG stories, TikTok and other social platforms.

Backdrop Brilliance
Elegance is in simplicity! Choose a clean, neutral backdrop like a white wall or any setting that provides a neat canvas to highlight your brow evolution. Keep it simple, classy, and focused on you!

Illuminate Your Glow

Position yourself in bright, natural light or a well-lit room where the light is shining directly on you, illuminating your beautiful brows. Make sure the light isn't coming from behind you, as we want your beauty to shine through, not be overshadowed.

Strike a Pose
Capture consistent angles to showcase the remarkable difference. Left, right, up, down—show the world the stunning transformation at every glance!

Share Your Brow Story
Tell us your brow journey, the impact of the transformation, and how it empowers you. Keep it real, relatable, and heartfelt—your voice matters, and your story will inspire others.

Video Testimonial Bonus
Take your testimonial to the next level by sharing a video. Aim for a minimum duration of 30 seconds, and a maximum of 2 minutes. Share your testimonial, your journey, and the amazing results you achieved with the ALL CAPS Henna Capsules.

Remember, to unlock a second tier of rewards, submit your video testimonial on your social media after getting qualified by us to receive a $20 BAEBROW gift card! It's our way of saying thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others with your captivating video.


By participating in the ALL CAPS Henna Brow Transformation Challenge and submitting your video, you grant us permission to use your content for our marketing purposes. So, seize this opportunity to share your story and help us spread the magic of ALL CAPS Henna Capsules!

Your video testimonial can make a lasting impact and motivate others to do their brow transformation with ALL CAPS Henna Capsules! ❤

Remember, be yourself, be authentic, and let the world see your stunning brows! If you need any guidance or have questions, feel free to CONTACT US. We're here to cheer you on every step of the way.

We can't wait to see your incredible transformation!


Please know that this is an ongoing challenge, starting from the date we announced it. But don't wait too long to share your transformation—we reserve the right to end or modify the challenge at any time without prior notice.

For more detailed information about this challenge, please read our Terms and Conditions. Make sure you understand them fully before participating. Your participation signifies your agreement to these terms. Thank you!