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Nope, it's not genetics. Eyebrow tinting explained.

Eyebrows. They're the most important feature on your face.

Think of a glamorous set of eyebrows that you've seen–whether it's on the red carpet or passing someone on the street.

Recall how they perfectly framed the face and added character.

Many women think that you have to hit the genetic lottery in order to have eyebrows of a goddess (think Cara Delevingne). There's a secret.  Anyone can have amazing brow game and it only takes a few minutes.

Tinting is a little known process where you dye your eyebrows in order to make them bolder. Until now, the process of tinting has been costly and complicated. The only place that you'd be able to get a tint is at a professional salon–if they even offer it. Doing it at home is also overwhelming as it's a messy process and the standard tint kits use strong and sometimes dangerous ingredients. 

At BAEBROW, our mission is to give everyone the ability to have bolder brows without the hassle  – and put their best face forward.

We've spent a considerable amount of time developing BAEBROW Instant Tint!, so it's gentle enough to use at home without worrying about going overboard and also incredibly easy to use. Unlike make-up, tinting your brows gives them a naturally beautiful look. The best thing is you only have to do it every week and with 22 applications in a tube you'll be set for a while! 

So what are you waiting for? Try Instant Tint! today, risk free. Money back guaranteed.