Rose Quartz Gua Sha Sculpt Tool


You might already be familiar with crystal facial massagers…. but there's a new skincare tool in town that will amp up your facial routine: The Gua Sha Face Tool. Ok, so it’s not that new - this face scraping technique is based on an ancient Chinese healing ritual, but we’re bringing it back for you right here! The goal of Gua Sha massage is to contour face muscles, reduce wrinkles and puffiness (goodbye tired eyes, hangover puffiness and puffy jawlines)

Why do I need to massage my face? Just like you working out your body, you need to give your face a workout too, but don’t worry - it’s totally relaxing ;)

Benefits of Gua Sha massage:

  • Lifts and contours facial muscles
  • Smoothes skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage, depuffs
  • Releases tightness (like tight jaw)
  • Boosts circulation (which promotes collagen production)
  • Relaxes through massage ritual
  • Helps massage in facial serums or essential oils
    Beauty tip!

    Place them in the refrigerator a few minutes before use for that extra cooling sensation. This is excellent for depuffing and fighting inflammation.

    How to clean

    Rinse them off and / or wipe them with a moist towel or cloth and dry thoroughly.

    How to use

    It’s very simple! Just apply some of your favorite serum onto your face (hello HI ROLLER! Serum) then use the smooth edges of the tool to “scrape” or scoop the skin upwards, lifting it from the center of your face up and out towards your hairline. It doesn't feel harsh at all. Apply only a little bit of pressure to move the muscles and tissues underneath. Feel free to use on your neck and décolletage.

    Why Rose Quartz?

    It’s not just a pretty color. Did you know Rose Quartz is said to be the ultimate “love” stone particularly aiding in self love? It is considered a powerful healing stone as it restores harmony, purifies and opens the heart to encourage self acceptance, inner healing and feelings of peace. Your daily ritual with help to remove negative energy and replace it with loving vibes.

    "What INSTANT TINT color do I choose?" No worries, here is our guide to selecting your shade :) Keep in mind that INSTANT TINT is a gentle formula and the effects are very natural. We recommend choosing the shade based on your natural hair color and tone. Check out the chart below:

    BROWN - A neutral tone suitable for light blonde and light brunettes. This our most delicate tint. Not recommended to cover grey or translucent hairs.

    DARK BROWN - A colder/neutral toned dark brown suitable for blondes and most light- medium brunettes. If your hair is already dark or medium brown, then getting a darker tone is recommended like the Dark Brown + Black bundle described below. Suitable for all skin types.

    BLACK - If you have dark brown or black hair this is a suitable color. A universal favorite that darkens hair to a dark, bold tone. if your hair is light and you're looking for a bold, more dramatic effect, we won't stand in your way ;) Suitable for all skin types.

    GRAPHITE - An ashy grey/black color - suitable for cold-toned dark hair, cold-toned blondes and for light-medium skin types. (but not if your brows are translucent*). A universal favorite that darkens hair to a dark colder tone.

    *If you have very light blonde or very light brown hair - the two tint combo pack with Dark Brown will give you a more natural result. If your natural brow hair color is very light blonde, white or even translucent (non-pigmented) we do not recommend the graphite on its own, as it can pick up the undertone colors and look unnatural.


    Two Tint Bundles allows you to mix the colors to achieve the tone that suits you best with warmth and intensity of color. Save $5 with these options!

    DARK BROWN + BLACK - Most popular option. Ability to control the intensity of a darker brown tone. The Dark Brown on its own may be too light for some, so adding black will let you darken it to your desired intensity. Suitable for all skin types.

    DARK BROWN + GRAPHITE - Ability to darken the Dark Brown and achieving a colder tone. Fitting option for cold-toned dark blondes. Suitable for light-medium skin types.

    Not sure? Check the color chart or chat with us directly here and we will help you figure out what color is best! 


    Still not convinced? Check out our testimonials page here

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